In Windows I used Notepad++ to do all of my web development.  I edit a handful of files and then manually upload them to the site.  Well, NPP is not available for Linux.  I could use wine to install it, but I don’t want to use wine to use a text editor when I can easily find a great replacement for in Linux.

Enter Emacs.  It’s not new, it’s been around for a while and I’m not going to do a review on it.  I can say within 10 minutes of using it I really enjoy it.  I will continue to do so until someone else can offer me a better solution.  But for now, Emacs is the clear winner.

Also, FileZilla is what I used in Windows to upload my files to the website.  This is what I will continue to use in Linux.  Setup was a snap and I’ve already used the combo Emacs+FileZilla to make a small edit on my site.

Things could not be progressing more smoothly.

Oh and as an added update, I have accomplished all of my goals for today plus some.  I have a secured mounted folder for my network drive that I needed; I’ve synced my webcomic files to Ubuntu One for added security; I have Dropbox installed and updated/synced; I used Handbrake to rip a DVD and I have all of my webcomic tools ready to go with GIMP installed along with Emacs+FileZilla.


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